Jake Rolls

South Mornington footballer Jake Rolls sadly lost his battle with cancer during the 2011 finals series and the club is keeping his memory alive through their work with the charity Whatever is Takes.

At South Mornington we all knew and loved Jake Rolls, but for those of you who were not fortunate enough to know him here is part of his story.
Jake played juniors and seniors at South Mornington and won the best finals player in the reserves in 2010. Jake was 20 when he was diagnosed in 2010 with a melanoma on his neck. After undergoing radiotherapy and multiple operations, he was struck again with cancerous cells in his lings, liver and spine, before yet another scan revealed a brain tumor in early 2011.

One of Jake’s goals as a cancer patient was to complete the Stand by You Hepburn challenge on the 22nd October 2011. Jake Said "I have had so much emotional and practical support from others to help make my life a little easier on a daily basis. They have given me quality in my life. It is so good not to have to worry about paying the bills all of the time while you are out of work. You can concentrate on trying to get well again. When i saw the flyer for the Hepburn Trail Challenge…I could see how we had the opportunity to help raise funds for other people in my circumstance who have not been as lucky as i have."

Jake sadly passed away on the 19th September 2011, and did not complete the Hepburn Challenge, but his dream of helping others did come true as his team raised over $5,000.

Jake’s courage, determination and strength he showed during his battle with cancer inspires all that knew him in their everyday lives. Thinking of him helps his family and friends pull through all kinds of obstacles. But it was also Jake’s giving nature that surprised everyone. At a time of his own despair he still thought about others, and instead of saying "poor me" he said "what about them."

In 2011 the inaugural players MVP was created and named after Jake in his honor, the winner of the trophy has the privilege and honor of wearing the number 1 Jumper which Jake wore in his time at South.

For those interested in learning further about the charity Whatever It Takes you can watch a video below to learn and hopefully contribte to their work.